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Foster Youth Target of Bequest

Foster Youth Target of Bequest
College-bound foster youth are the beneficiaries of a family trust formed by Mark Edwards and his wife, Lori. Emancipated youth, who have relied on the structure of foster care until adulthood, often do not go on to seek higher education.

"Because my son was in foster care before I adopted him," said Mark, "I became acutely aware that foster children, who reach the age of majority, are largely left without any type of support network. Such kids, therefore, face huge challenges in trying to attend college. CSUSB's foster youth program will help kids who likely would have no realistic chance otherwise, to attend college. Lori and I, therefore, are pleased to be able to provide some long-term support for CSUSB's program."

The planned gift, estimated to be $656,000, will establish an endowment to help undergraduate students, who have been foster youth, remain successful and complete a college degree. Funds will be used to provide support services, such as additional financial aid, targeted workshops and cultural opportunities, among other activities, said Dr. Milton Clark, dean of undergraduate studies at CSUSB.

"This gift will be a tremendous boost to our effort to identify, recruit and support these young adults who typically do not have strong social support systems," Clark said.

Mark and Lori dedicated the funds in their estate plans. As a seasoned corporate attorney and community leader, Mark is demonstrating vision and leadership once again with this gesture to benefit foster youth through the region's largest public institution of higher education.

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